My name is Robert Stafford, everyone calls me Bob. I spent 40 years working on the railroad. I  worked in 10 states and British Columbia, Canada during my railroad career. I originally worked as a station agent in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Advances in technology during the 1980’s allowed for the replacement of the local railroad agent with centralized customer service centers. I worked various clerical positions in Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico until those positions where replaced with new technology.

I made the change from a union employee to a management employee as technology slowly forced out the clerical positions.  They were becoming extinct just like the steam locomotive. I spent the last 15 years of my railroad career working in railroad management positions in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and British Columbia.

I became very sick during the spring of 2010.  I became so weak I couldn’t open a jar lid, and I was seeing double.  I was unable to work.

It took several months before I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, (MG), an autoimmune disease. This disease attacks the muscles and causes them to become progressively weaker.

I was not able to return to work since I could no longer pass the physical exam required by the railroad. It took me 3 years to heal to a point where I could begin to sit in front of a computer once again.

I had no plans to stop working at age 58. In no way was I ready for early disability retirement. I had just gone through a divorce. The ex-wife got all of my retirement 401-K account and the house. I was left with what debt we had to pay. I was expecting to work until age 66 and financially recover.

When I was struck down by the MG those plans became meaningless. I was in a very bad place. I only had the energy to be able to do something on limited bases from home to produce additional income.

 I joined a network marketing company whose products I had been using as part of my disease treatment. I found that I didn’t have a warm market to approach and needed a way to find prospects to market to.

In the spring of 2015 I found online training about on-line marketing and attraction marketing. I took the courses, paid for one-on-one coaching and learned how to market using social media.

Today I am a baby boomer who has become a social media marketer as his second carrier in life. I enjoy the challenge this is giving me. Sharing what I have learned with other people is a rewarding experience. I have a personal connection with other baby boomers that are now in search of finding sources of additional income as they near retirement age or after retirement. I understand what it is like to have over half your monthly income disappear and having to adjust your life to live off of it.

Photo of Robert Bob Stafford