I have had several people ask me what my Twitter Social Media Strategy is to generate leads using social media.


I use two programs to build my following on Twitter. They are Statusbrew and Socialoomph.

Statusbrew.com lets me follow and unfollow people on Twitter easily. It also lets me set up

rules as to whom I am following. One very important rule it is able to set up is to not follow

anyone that I have followed in the past and than unfollowed.  If people complain to Twitter

about you following and unfollowing them it could result in your account being shut down.

Socialoomph.com is the program I use to automate putting my Twitter content strategy.

What I like about Socialoomph over other programs is the ability to send content to

more than one social media platform at the same time.

Watch the video below for my detailed instructions about my Twitter marketing strategy.

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Twitter Social Media Strategy

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