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Affirmations for Business Success


Girl writing on beach Affirmations for Business Success.

Affirmations are a powerful tool that will help you to become better and better everyday at your business. To “affirm” something means that you are declaring it to be true. So when I declare that I am a successful entrepreneur when I am financially struggling I am telling my sub-concuss mind what my end result will be. The job of my sub-concuss is to protect me. It will try to hold me back from doing new things out of fear of the unknown. By doing affirmations twice daily you are training your mind to accept your desired result. Do your affirmations when you first get up in the morning to set your intentions for the day. Do your affirmations before you go to bed at night to set your attentions while you are asleep. Continue reading

Importance of Passion in Business


Importance of passion in business is what will decide if you are successful or not. It is not the how of what you are doing it is your why, your desire, your passion as to why you are in your business. 

Your passion for the business comes from your reasons for doing the business.

You have found a network marketing company. You have been using the products for a while and have been approached about joining the business opportunity. You want to make some additional money to take your family on vacation to Disneyland. Continue reading

10 Success Affirmations

Success Affirmations will allow you to change your thought patterns.

SUCCESS: The accomplishment of an air or purpose

AFFIRMATION: The assertion that something exists or is true

These two definitions definitions together explain both the how and the why of affirmations for success. The “how” part of of your affirmation is simple enough. Use present tense stating that what you are affirming is already true. Continue reading

15 Affirmations for Success in Business

Affirmations for success when done daily will help you to change your mindset. I do my affirmations twice daily. My first set of affirmations are done when I get up in the morning to set my intentions for the day. I read them a second time just before bedtime to set my minds intentions while I sleep. If I am having a day that is not going the way I want it too, than I will read them again during the day to help me reset my mind. Continue reading

Your Twitter Profile Bio Is Where You Sell Yourself

You can use Twitter to promote your work, your personal brand, your MLM and to establish connections with meaningful people, but it all begins with your Twitter profile bio.

Twitter has 284 million active users who daily send 500 million tweets. In order to get your tweets seen and reach your target audience you need to stand out from the masses and entice people to follow you.

Begin with your banner. Your banner must be professional looking and consistent across all your social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. It needs to brand you so that when prospects see your banner they associate it with you. If you don’t have the skills there is no need to create this on your own. You can have it created by   Continue reading

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