3 Steps Too Developing an Action Plan

How do I go about developing an action plan for my business? The first thing you must do is to set your mindset that you are willing to do what is necessary to get out of your comfort zone. That you are willing to spend time learning the skills you need to achieve your desired result. Once you commit to yourself that you will take action and do what is necessary than you can began developing an action plan.

3 Steps Too Developing an Action Plan

Step 1: How are you going to get yourself out their?

What social media platform are you going to use? Are you going to use Facebook, Instagram, Pentrest, Twitter, SnapChat?

Spend a day or two and research the various types of social media and decide which one works for you. I can give you resources to use to do your research. Choose one that will work with your time schedule.

You must choose just one strategy. Devote yourself to mastering it. Only after you have mastered your chosen platform can you consider learning another. Don’t become a victim of the shiny  new object syndrome. By that I mean don’t see a training or hear about the success someone else is having on a social media platform and think that is the shiny new lour that will bring you prospects and sales. Than a few weeks later you learn about something else and think yes that’s the one and jump into that. You will not be successful at any of them because you will never master using any of them.

Develop an action plan based upon one social media strategy, Only One!

Step 2: Your Value

What will do you to bring of value to the market place? What will you create that people will take notice of? That people will be willing to stop surfing through the Internet and stop and take note of what you have done? Will you write a blog? Will you create images with quotes on them? Will you create videos? Will you do live videos? What will you do consistently week in and week out to bring value to the market place and make yourself noticed?

When I was at the Live The Dream 7 event Norbert Orlewicz said while on stage “We get paid for our value, not our time.” You can put in lots and lots of hours, but if you are not producing anything of value that people want you will not make any money.

Your personal story has value. People want to know about you. People purchase from people they know, like, and trust; not from corporations. Tell your story online about why you are now marketing on social media and the events that caused you to do so.

Steep3: Take Action on Your Value

Just because you took action, created a piece of content, posted it to social media doesn’t mean you’re now done. You have only just begun! Now you must promote the content of value you have created. You must find where your potential acutance is and engage them. If you are using Facebook, for example, than you need to join Facebook groups about your subject and become engaged with them. Click here to go to my blog post How To Get Traffic To Your Blog.

No matter what social media platform you choose you must become engaged with others who have the same interest and put your content before them. Your audience must be actively engaged by you.

Bonus Step: Find a coach or mentor

You can’t be successful working all by yourself. You need a coach or a mentor. Someone who has already had success doing what you inspire to do. Someone who can see your strengths ,and weaknesses. Help you with developing an action plan for your business. Our ego’s think that we can figure it out on our own. If you have the time and are not in a hurry for results than yes, you may someday figure it out on your own. But, do you have the time and money to spend money taking years trying to figure it out all by yourself?

All the successful online marketers have coaches, no matter how successful they have become. What makes you think you can do it yourself? Just contact me for information about coaching help.

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3 Steps Too Developing an Action Plan




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