Football coach talking to player showing the 5 Qualities of LeadershipThe fastest way to reach your goals is to become a leader by applying these 5 Qualities of Leadership.  I would not get on a plane that did not have a flight plan. Without a flight plan instead of flying from New York to Denver you may end up in El Paso. The pilot had no plan on how he was going to get to Denver. He just left New York and pointed the plane west and left everything to chance that he would find his way to Denver.

If we are growing we are gaining knowledge, learning something new every day. Knowledge doesn’t do you much good unless it is applied. Wisdom is knowledge that is applied. As you apply your knowledge that you are learning from others who went down that same road you are now on, and share your knowledge  with others, you become a leader.

To become a leader you need to have 5 qualities.

  1. Focus

There are many forms and fashions of focus.

You must have a vision of where you are going.

What you are trying to accomplish.

Without focus you have no direction and you will quit.

Without clear vision and focus you will lose your energy. Your desire to succeed will be lost.

You must know where you are going as your progress though each level of your network marketing company or any other business.

To get to that next level in your business you must have mentors. No one who is successful has done it by themselves.

The term “He is a self made man” is not accurate. There are no self made men or women. They all had people that advised them. They had the council of others who had already reached success in their chosen field.

  1. Confidence

When people are looking for someone to follow they are looking for someone who walks with a swagger, who walks with confidence.

The best way to build confidence is to create results. Even small, minuet results create confidence. You build upon each of your successful results. Many small results build into a large result.

Go produce a result and see what it does for your self confidence.

Confidence equals being sure about yourself. I know where I am going.

Confidence only comes from being focused.

5 Qualities of Leadership ad.

  1. Transparency

When someone is very secretive you do not have a good feeling about doing business with them.

Live your life in a way that if others where to talk bad about you no one would believe them.  I went through this with the ex-wife during the divorce period. She was making things up and spreading it all around just trying to be mean and disruptive. I only found out about it several months later. It had no effect and I didn’t know about it because people did not believe her stories. When I confronted her about it, her reply was that even if it is not true if she told the same story consistently people will believe it. But, they did not. I had transparency and integrity.

  1. Integrity

Do the right things even when no one is looking.

Always have others interests in mind.

Never make a sale just because you needed to make the money from the sale.

Put your prospects greater good first. Will this sale meet their need and satisfy their desires? If they say they are joining your network marketing company because they must make money in the next 30 days than your opportunity may not be what they are in need of. Once they have their financial house in order than it may be a better time to for them become involved with what you are offering.  When they don’t have the pressure to “make money” now, no matter what they will be more in tuned to their prospects needs, not just their own.

  1. Passion

To succeed and be successful you must have passion for what you are doing. You must enjoy doing what you have chosen to do. You must have a strong vision of where you are going. When you have passion you give off positive energy that others can feel.

When others see and feel your passion, combined with your transparency and integrity, your focus and confidence  they will want to do business with you.

Learn and apply these 5 Qualities of Leadership to your personal and business life to become more successful.

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